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Making our own plantable recycled paper sheets!

Ripped up newspaper ready to pulp!

Pulped paper ("Glop") ready to use

Well, it’s been a while since we posted, many apologies, but things have been storming along here at Green Ore HQ. Our latest venture has been making our own paper sheets from scrap paper! As you can see on the left is our waste paper repository (letters, newspaper, bills!!) which then gets boiled up and whisked to produce the pulped paper (which we know as “glop”) as shown on the right.

As you will no doubt be aware, our handmade organic bars of soap are and have always been lovingly wrapped in recycled paper, which contains seeds which can germinate when the paper is planted and cared for….we thought that it would be a nice idea if we could manufacture our own sheets of similar paper, and at the same time make good use of the paper that our household produces!

Hence at the stage after the pulp is made, we add a generous sprinkling of seeds (lavender and mixed wild meadow flowers) add, a bit of dye, then mix it it up in a great big tray, before using our homemade frame to produce each sheet of paper (see picture). Several stages later, after draining, drying, and flattening, we end up with sheets of seed-shot recycled handmade paper which look great.

Coming to you (wrapped around a bar of soap) soon!

Lifting the pulp onto the frame, then draining...

Here's how it looks after pressing out of the frame!

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