10 ways to help the planet on Earth Day (or every day)

  1. Leave the car at home and use the bus, bike, train, or walk
  2. Turn off all non-essential electrical appliances (this means the TV, video, computer and mobile phone) -you can do it for just one day.
  3. Buy a packet of seeds and plant some herbs to grow on the kitchen window sill or re-seed the lawn.
  4. Buy some lemon juice and use it to clean your floor and bathroom (it’s great on limescale, and for polishing mirrors).
  5. Cook a whole meal  from scratch – buy local fresh ingredients and see how creative you can be without opening a can or pack.
  6. Have a shower instead of a bath, or share your bath with a good friend!
  7. Treat yourself to a good book and take the day off for some ‘me’ time, read, take a leisurely walk and spoil yourself.
  8. Pledge to replace your light bulbs with low energy ones.
  9. Fill a plastic bag with water, tie the top off & place in your loo cistern to save an extra litre or so when you flush.
  10. Buy a native fruit tree to plant in your garden.

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  1. Rod said

    You forgot to mention “so NO to single-use plastic bags”.

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